Height: 5’´7 Weight:115

Hair: Brown Eyes: Green


Custody                    Maria Silva             James Lapine Director

The Long Walk         Elisabeth                Ergo Cinema (Berlin)

Devil Made Me         Lead                       Elusive Opacity Films

Dumbstruck              Supporting              Eyeful pictures

Under the Sea          Lead                        Oro Films

The Last One           Souza                      Black Eagle Prod.

The Wedding            Marie                       Root Beer Float Prod.

Goldfish                     Lead                       Hunter College - NYC

Compulsive Woman  Lead                       NYU Student Project - NYC

Milagre Segundo Salomé  Adélia             Madragua Films – Portugal

Lost                            Lead                       NMR Productions – Portugal

Shivers                       Lead                       NMR Productions – Portugal


Pátio da Fama           Thelma                    RTP Productions – Portugal

Saber Amar               Guest Star               TVI Productions – Portugal


Stand-Up Comedy      Open Mic                Stand-NYC

Stand-Up Comedy       Open Mic                Comedy Store - Los Angeles

The Vagina Monologues                              Hollywood

The Foreigners            Sketch Comedy       3 of Clubs – Hollywood

The Foreigners            Sketch Comedy       ImprovOlympic – Hollywood

Take Him                      Musical Duet           Marilyn Monroe Theatre-L.S.T.I

Stepsisters Lament       Musical Duet          Marilyn Monroe Theatre - L.S.T.I


Acting For Camera – Brian Reise

Commercial Workshop - Killian McHugh

UCLA - Acting for Camera Class

Theatre of the Arts

Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute – New York City

Acting: Brian Reise, Wendy Phillips, Scott Paulin, Larry Gold, George Loros, Paul Calderon

Voice: Peisha McPhee, Ilka Monaco, Jan Douglas

Stage Combat: Allen Suddeth


Conflicts upon request

Special Skills

Languages: Fluent in Portuguese and German, proficient in Italian and Spanish